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Op 22 oktober 2012 tekent Patrick MASELIS in Perth, Schotland, de 'Roll of Distiguished Philatelists'. James Van der Linden zend ons het volgende bericht en de bijgaande foto's.

Dear Friends,

A glorious day for Belgian Philately happened to be in Perth (Scotland) on the 22 of October during the RDP Ceremony in St Johns Kirk, as Patrick Maselis, together with James Gough, Robin Gwynn and Michael Sefi, signed the 'Roll of Distinguished Philatelists' being the fourth Belgian nominee to be honoured. It was my pleasure to assist the ceremony and have the occasion to make some of the pictures you can find in the attach. They can only give you a limited glance of the splendid decor and entourage of the whole ceremony . The group photo shows the gathering of one of the most attended meetings in the past years.

Kind regards to all,
James Van der Linden RDP

Geplaatst op 29.10.12

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